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Fellow Internet Marketer,

oes it frustrate you that your sales page is making only a tiny fraction of its potential?

Why is it that some internet marketers make money so easily, while you try everything possible and get barely any sales?

If you're like me, you'll have tried every trick in the book to increase that sales page conversion rate. I've used pop-ups, pop-unders, peel away corners, exit agents, freebies, audio, video, and many other devices. It didn't seem to matter what tweak I tried, my conversion rate stayed stubbornly at negligible to zero.

But I just knew there was something I was missing.

In the middle of the research into how to improve my conversion rates, a TV advert for an Anthony Robbins seminar provided me with the key. He came out with a statement which was the gem I had been missing...

Anthony Robbins said, "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression".

That phrase hit home with me like a bullet!

Could it be that I was not creating a good first impression with my website visitors?

I turned my attention to that single aspect of my website design.

And I found the answer...

What is it do you think that creates the first impression a visitor gets of your website?

It isn't pop-ups, pop-unders, peel away corners or any of the rest of those techniques I had thought so vital to conversion rates.

It was an element in web design which was much more fundamental. And, I have to be honest here, it was something which frankly I had neglected.

And I know from my research, the vast majority of webmasters also overlook this too...

Want to know what I discovered?

If you could read just one page about how to turn your website into an unstoppable selling machine, this is it. I dare you to read this entire page and not change the way you sell on the Web.


"I wanted to get more conversions from my sales page, and you've opened my eyes. This is exactly what I needed!"
Damian Pang


If you are ... (check which one best applies to you)

An Internet Marketer/Entrepreneur

An Affiliate Marketer

A Website Owner or Webmaster

A Blog Owner

An eBay Auction Seller

... You are about to find out the most often overlooked truth about how to create a profitable web presence.

If you've ever wondered what is one of the single most important skills in the Internet business that, when mastered, would probably single-handedly account for more sales than any other skill, I would tell you, without a doubt

-- it's the ability to use colors correctly on your web sales pages.

That's because the single most important ingredient of any commercial website is.... a color scheme that sells.

Listen closely. You could spend a bundle creating your web page offer, with fabulous graphics or videos, submitting your site to all the search engines, and promoting it like crazy. But all the website traffic in the world isn't going to do you much good if the colors you've used on your web page causes your visitors to click away within seconds.

And they will if you've got it wrong!!

Scientific studies by the Institute for Color Research reveal that, "human beings make a subconscious judgment… and that between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone."

With the wrong colors on your web page, you've lost your chance to create a good first impression!

In the next 5 minutes, I'll show you how to easily master the skill of selecting compelling color schemes for your websites, to achieve a double-digit conversion ratio and reap immeasurable financial rewards in all your online selling efforts.

Here are just a few of the things you will find out:

  Why 99.9% of websites miss the mark -- how they violate hidden rules of color when communicating their marketing message to the Internet buying public -- and consequently fail to gain customers, sales and profits

  Why color principles that work well for the brick-and-mortar world (e.g., direct marketing) do not necessarily apply to the Web -- and why they can even kill your sales on the Internet

  How to dramatically boost your website's conversion ratio -- and turn more of your web visitors into customers using a simple color selection model that is proven to work on the Web

There is a science to color scheme selection for websites. And there are certain immutable laws which govern the creation of online sales. Once these laws are followed, anyone can achieve commercial success on the Internet -- with mathematical certainty.

This is an incredible opportunity that is available to you -- but only if you take the first step.

Your first step is to read this page in its entirety. Please don't just skim through it -- I don't want you to miss a single word because when I demystify color and the web for you, you simply cannot fail to create the sales and profits you want on the Internet.


"Thank you Brian, you have opened my eyes about the use of colors on my websites."
Phil Rogers


The Overlooked Currency Of The Web

In our subconscious, we all have emotions conveyed to us by color. Depending on the colors used, it might be a good feeling - or it might be a bad feeling.

It could be a sense of warmth, trust and belonging.

Or it could be a sense of coolness, distrust and rejection.

At its simplest, without an understanding of the principles of color, you run the risk of losing your site visitors - BEFORE they even read a single word of your copy or watch your video.

It's true --- your web sales page could be dead in the water within a second of your visitor seeing it.

It doesn't matter how compelling the text is, or how creative the graphics, or how professional the video, or even how great the offer. The plain fact is that as soon as your web page displays, your visitor forms an instant opinion about you and your website.

And you're going to get this immediate reaction whether you like it or not. There's nothing you can do to stop your visitor forming it! As Anthony Robbins calls it, it's their first impression.

Unfortunately, this instant view can be negative. So negative, in fact, that you have zero chance of selling to those visitors.

And this happens on millions of websites, from the largest to the smallest. You could have thousands of pages on your site, or you may be relying on single sales pages to make you money on the web. Give a poor "first impression", and your site silently fades away.


"We are creating a new website, and I was looking for web design advice. I never realized how important colors were. Now I do. Thank you!"
Robert Kramkowski


Just How Important is Color?

Color is one of the most powerful psychological elements which influences reactions.


"Color is more memorable than shape or name, and it has been very underestimated."
Iain Ellwood, Strategic Director
Cobalt Brand Innovation Consultancy


Usually, when you create a web page, you want your page viewer to take some action. For example, if you create a sales page, then you want to place your visitors in the right frame of mind to buy from you.

If you understand what colors trigger which emotions, you can make your pages much more effective. In other words, you're giving your web page a far better chance to sell for you.

Now that you know color automatically triggers feelings and emotions in all of us, and that there's nothing we can do about it, you need to use this in your web page design.

Imagine the leverage you will have if you know the exact color scheme to give your web page visitor the most favorable impression of your proposition?

By knowing which colors to use, you can influence your site visitors positively. You can put them in a favorable state of mind, one in which they are more likely to want to accept your proposition.

If this is something you've never considered before, you're not alone. The psychological impact of color is probably the most overlooked topic in creating web pages.

When you think about it, this lack of attention is really strange. Everybody in the business world knows it, the use of correct colors in sales and marketing is absolutely fundamental. It's why companies spend millions on product and promotion design.

And yet, when designing web pages, if you're like me you probably give the color factor a tiny amount of thought.


"The right colors are a primary source of subliminal powers of persuasion. The wrong colors can be an irreversible mistake and may keep the customer from exploring the site long before they even consider purchasing a product."
Na Ra Lee, Color Expert
MA Design Future


It will pay you to find out how to get colors working for your web pages.

Today, you have the opportunity to do exactly that...

You can get all the valuable information you need about the effective use of colors on web pages.

It's in my brand new ebook, "Cash Colors":

What You Will Find Out in 'Cash Colors'

"Cash Colors" gives you everything you need to know in order to use the most effective colors on your sales pages.

Here are just a few of the questions about web page design which "Cash Colors" answer:


  What color is most popularly used for financial products? (Page15)

  What is an effective color in selling children's toys? (Page 14)

  What color should you avoid if you're selling to a market of older people? (Page 27)

  What is the best color to use when selling medical products? (Page 29)

  If you're selling food related products, which color is best for that market? (Page 27)

  And, when selling food related products, which color should you definitely avoid? (Page 31)

  In selling fashion items, which color should you make a point of avoiding? (Page 35)

  Which colors work well in selling pre-school products? (Page 22)

  Which colors do men prefer? And, women? (Page 16)

  Which colors should you leave well alone if you're offering insurance or other finance related products? (Page 22)

  Which is the best color for sentimental and personal products? (Page 34)

  What color should you use in marketing sweets and confectionary? (Page 16)

  Which background color will have your web page visitors clicking away within 2.5 seconds? (Page 10)

  What color will influence your visitor to spend longer viewing your web page? (Page 14)

  What main color will cause visitors to leave your site quickly? (Page 14)

  Which four colors do the most popular sites on the internet use? (Page 17)

  Which two-color combinations make it extremely tough to read your page. (Page 21)

  Which color should you not use if your site is related to eye conditions and vision. (Page 23)

  Which is the best color to use if you're selling sports related products? (Page 23)

  Which color is it best to avoid if your site is selling professional services. (Page 24)

  Which color works well for charity sites? (Page 27)

  Which is a great color if your site is selling high-tech products? (Page 31)

  Which color do 75% of pre-adolescent children prefer to all others? (Page 34)

  Why is it that 8% of your target market cannot read your web page? (Page 49)

  You will find many more examples in "Cash Colors"


With "Cash Colors" you will be creating color positive web pages. These are web pages from which you have the best opportunity to succeed when selling.

Do you think it is any accident that of 10 of the most successful websites on the internet have very similar color schemes? (Page 8)


"I've been looking for ways to make my site more effective. From what I've read so far, Cash Colors is the answer. Good job Brian."
Philip Gegan

Order Now And Get Your Cash Colors Package

We will be limiting the number of "Cash Colors" ebooks issued. This ensures that the knowledge it contains retains its value by being made available to a select number of webmasters.

At the time of writing, "Cash Color" licences ARE still available.

Let's take a look at the elements that make up my Cash Colors packages




Cash Colors
Normal Price $47

This is the core element of the Cash Colors package. The "Cash Colors" ebook shows how to use colors effectively on websites.

The ebook discusses the power of colors and how to apply this to web design to influence your website viewer to take the action you want.

The "Cash Colors" ebook is written by Brian McGregor an internet entrepreneur of over 10 years standing.




KaleidoSite Pro
Normal Price $47

KaleidoSite Pro is a powerful site morphing tool that is able to instantly transform the colors of your whole website. This includes images, background colors and text.

With Kaleidosite Pro you don't have to edit any html code, or mess about with six digit numbers. Simply use the color change sliders and watch your website morph in front of your eyes.

You can make as many adjustments as you like without having to edit anything.

With KaleidoSite Pro, you can unleash the full potential of your websites!

"You Really Can't Afford Not To Invest In KaleidoSite Pro"
S Kumar




KaleidoPhoto Pro
Normal Price $47

If the images on your web page don't perfectly match the rest of your site's color scheme, KaleidoPhoto Pro enables you to instantly apply color changes to those images.

KaleidoPhoto Pro lets you recolor single or multiple batch process images, turning your present images into an exact match for your website.

Whether your images are tiff, jpg, jpeg, png or gif, you can apply color changes to any image while not compromising on the color scheme efficiency! Its like having a team of professional designers doing all the work for you.

"It's not often that I get totally "geeked" about a new software program... I mean, I do like techie stuff, and software's great, but it takes something really special to get me excited... And this program has me TOTALLY ECSTATIC about what it's going to do for our template collection!"
Joel Bishop




Color Slider
Normal Price $47

Color Slider is a very useful tool to help you come up with and define a suitable color theme for your website. Your color scheme can be exported to Photoshop or Illustrator files too.

This tool helps to cut your color scheme research and development time in half, allowing you to use your time creatively for more eye-catching and head turning graphics and designs.

Color Slider is a handy solution to help you conquer those time wasting color blocks.

"Color Slider is one of the very useful color tools that will enhance your knowledge of using colors strategically to your advantage...The Color Slider will definitely keep you ahead of the competition – anytime, all the time!"
Bill Sterling




Color Clickz
Normal Price $47

Color Clickz makes picking a color off the screen as easy and simple as moving the mouse over the area of the screen.

It comes with a built in magnifier that allows you to single out each and every color making that "hard to get gradient" easy to reproduce!

Color Clickz gives you the capability to capture any color off your computer screen fast and easily with just a few clickz regardless if there are 256,000 shades of a single color!

"It was a miracle. I brought my project window back up, put the mouse over the color I was trying to match, and TADA, Bingo! Color match in less than a single second. You must have the Color Clickz webmaster tool!"
Wendy Roan




Color Photo Synergizer
Normal Price $47

Color Photo Synergizer can effectively extract any single color from any photo or image, which you can then use for your websites and graphic projects.

With Color Photo Synergizer, the tedious hit or miss experiences is simplified to a simple point and shoot exercise.

You can easily add the color rhythm of successful graphic designs that cost thousands of dollars to produce, to any of your website and design projects.




Text & Background Analyzer
Normal Price $47

Consider the advantages of having a tool that allows you to browse your competitors' websites and analyze the different text and background color combinations in use. And then to have the added capability to download the colors, and use them on your own website!

This is exactly what Text & Background Analyzer gives you.

You have access to a virtually infinite resource of proven, successful and visually appealing color rhythms that you can use and apply to your own design projects.

"Finally! Repositioning yourself against your competitors using effective color branding! However, having accurate information about your competitor’s basic infrastructure is even better! More so if you can use it to your advantage in promoting your own business!"
Bob Tompkins






Colors That Sell
Value $47

"Colors That Sell" is a brilliant ebook from Jill Morton, one of the foremost color experts in the world today.

Jill is CEO of Colorcom, is also director of the International Color Research Institute. She is webmaster, author and illustrator of the award-winning web site, Color Matters - a leading source for information about color on the web today.

In "Colors That Sell", Jill examines colors in the context of their role in online business success.






Cashing in on the Simple Magic of Color
Value $47

The author of this superb book is Valerieann Skinner-Giovanni, who is a Professional Artist, Life Skills Coach, Certified Master Rapid Eye Technician and Spiritual Teacher.

In "Cashing in.." Valeriann enlightens us on the pivotal place of color in our lives, both personal and professional. According to Einstein, everything is energy, including color.

Valeriann explains the power of color, and says, "Colors send a subliminal message, one which plays a critical role in success or failure".






Interview With Steve Krug
Value $97

Steve Krug (pronounced "kroog") is a renowned specialist in website design.

He has evaluated and improved online services and the web interfaces for a wide variety of clients including Apple, AOL, BarnesandNoble.com, Netscape, Lexus.com and Circle.com.

Steve's consulting firm, Advanced Common Sense, reviews existing sites and designs new sites, conducts usability workshops, and helps clients resolve web interface problems.



Resale Rights
Normal Price $247

Resale Rights means that you can resell this Cash Colors package and/or each of the elements above at any price you wish, and keep all the money you make from your sales.

Sell on eBay, from websites, from blogs, by email promotion - any way you wish, and keep every penny that you make.


The choice is now yours.

Depending on how serious you are about creating effective websites and web pages, select the package that best meets your desires.

Is Cash Colors Guaranteed?

It certainly is. I'm totally confident you will get the benefits you seek from your Cash Colors package. So much so, that I am prepared to make this straightforward pledge and put it in black and white for you.


"Really valuable information. We're in the process of redesigning our site, and Cash Colors is a great help."
Cindy Shebley

Thanks for reading this. I hope you've found it enlightening.

Whether or not you go ahead with Cash Colors, all the best in your internet activities.

PS Unleash the true potential of your web pages by using the right colors. Everything is revealed in "Cash Colors".

PPS The principles of "Cash Colors" can be applied to any web sales page, any blog, any eBay listing page etc - in fact, anywhere where you want to sell to your page visitor.

"I needed to spruce up my site, and now I can. I enjoyed Cash Colors and have so many ideas I can implement."
Alex Ellis



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